United Way of Central Virginia Statement of Our Commitment for Inclusiveness & Diversity

United Way of Central Virginia is committed to inclusiveness and diversity as a core tenet, which undergirds the mission of the organization. We commit to inclusiveness and diversity by our partners and collaborators.  We firmly believe that promoting inclusiveness will enable United Way to serve its community more effectively.  This action will also encourage the aspirations of all people and attract new volunteers, employees, and supporters.

United Way of Central Virginia continually demonstrates an awareness and understanding that promoting  and managing diversity is an integral part of the work of United Way. This perspective is reflected in its own operations and its encouragement of inclusion as a fundamental principle for our community.

United Way of Central Virginia strives to create and maintain an organizational environment, which encourages  everyone  to perform to their potential by actively valuing cultural differences and perspectives and fostering teamwork and collaboration among a diverse community.  Moreover, United Way maximizes gifts received by using the skills, talents, and resources representative of the entire community.

In considering our effectiveness in developing and sustaining an inclusive organization, we will value individuals without regard to race, religion, color, gender, ethnicity, nationality, physical, emotional or mental challenge, sexual orientation, or age.  In addition, we will strive to involve individuals of diverse educational attainment, socio-economic status, work experience, political beliefs, and geographic background.

The organization will comply with all local, state, and Federal laws regarding non-discrimination and serve as an equal opportunity employer.

To fulfill our commitment and live our value of inclusiveness, United Way of Central Virginia will implement the following:

  1. Identify annual target percentages to supplement the organization’s diversity and inclusiveness profile.  Such targets should reflect the demographic composition of our community and seek to exceed the demographic composition of the community for groups that are in the minority.
  2. Review annually all volunteer committees, Board of Directors, and staff to assess our organizational diversity and develop plans to ensure our objectives are met.  An evaluation form will be utilized as a tool to provide continuous tracking of this information.
  3. Evaluate annually the participation level and interaction of all committee and Board members to ensure there is meaningful involvement by all volunteers and, where appropriate, staff. 

The above three activities will be completed by the Nominating Committee for reporting to and action by the Board of Directors.

  1. Develop and approve a Non-Discrimination Certificate that reflects the organization’s policies for providing services, hiring employees, and recruiting volunteers.  Such Certificate will be approved annually during the first-quarter of each calendar year.  In addition, a signed Certificate will be required for any organization receiving an allocation or grant from United Way’s undesignated funds.
  2. Authentically invest in the advancement of a more inclusive organization through outreach, recruitment, and mentoring.  Activities to support these efforts should include:
    • Annual diversity training for the United Way staff.
    • An annual board meeting that includes a presentation/discussion on the importance of diversity or another topic of relevance to the issue of inclusiveness.
    • An ongoing commitment to the implementation and enhancement of Project Balance, the minority leadership development program.
  3. Promote the importance of embracing diversity among the agencies receiving United Way funding by recognizing organizations working to accomplish such goals through a formal review and recognition process and by using inclusiveness as part of the funding evaluation process.

The United Way of Central Virginia will seek other opportunities to enhance our efforts to promote diversity internally and externally.  Those activities will provide added benefit to our work and our community.

Acknowledgement:  We appreciate the work of other United Ways in developing and acting upon a statement of inclusiveness and diversity.  The above statement includes language from the statements developed by the United Way Worldwide, United Way of Franklin County, and it uses ideas from multiple other United Ways and nonprofits.

In addition, we want to thank members of the original Inclusiveness & Diversity Policy Development Committee:  Gino Rucker, Chair; Carmen Browne; Vivian Camm; Dierdre Glover; Ron Jefferson; Jim Mundy; Vicki Sandifer; Pete Warren.

Board Approved May 27, 2004

Board Reviewed and Approved August 21, 2008

Re-adopted August 17, 2011

Board Reviewed November 2019