LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) – According to the United Way of Central Virginia, one out of every six children in our area does not have access to affordable, quality food.

To help feed these kids, United Way is currently collecting food for their summer food drive. The collection benefits their backpack program, which with the help of teachers and counselors, identifies kids that are food insecure. Those kids are then sent home with meals for the weekend during the school year.

United Way told ABC 13 that this is a partnership with local non-profits, businesses, and churches. They hope to expand and help children in additional counties in the future.

“We often hear that 20 percent to 24 percent poverty rate in Lynchburg. It’s about 31 percent for children, so it’s a lot higher,” said Dawn Wise, the director of community engagement.

They collect items all year, but would like to have most donations by August 1.

To read more about what type of items you can donate and where you can drop off items, CLICK HERE.