United Way of Central Virginia (UWCV) hosted press conference regarding food insecurity issue in Central Virginia on July 31, 2018 at 3 PM.

Lynchburg, VA / August 1, 2018 : UWCV is leading the effort to address the urgent issue of food insecurity in the Central Virginia area. One in eight people are food insecure in Central Virginia and out of those, one out of every six children are food insecure, meaning they do not have reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Nearly 48% of people in Central Virginia cannot make ends meet and have to make life changing decisions everyday to live day to day. This is a crisis that demands community action. UWCV hosted a press conference on Tuesday, July 31 to discuss a call to action for the community and efforts they are doing to help solve hunger in the area.

President & CEO, Bill Varner made a call to action addressing what the residents of Central Virginia can do to help with the issue. He shared that you can:

1.    Get Informed and know the needs of your community

2.    Get involved and be an advocate for those in need

3.    Give food, give time and share information with others around you

“We are all residents of Central Virginia and I am assuming we all take a great deal of pride in living here. But, these are our neighbors. That’s about 8,000 children in Central Virginia who are hungry every day. I don’t know what the acceptable number is for this problem, but it is not 8,000. This number should be zero. I don’t think we should rest or be comfortable with our lives until we bring that number down to zero.” Bill Varner, President & CEO.

UWCV does have various initiatives throughout the year to help combat hunger. Aside from various food drives and their backpack program, part of the hunger relief effort is hosting their annual Lynchburg Cooks for Hunger Relief event. In April of this year,UWCV held the Lynchburg Cooks for Hunger Relief at Phase 2 in Lynchburg. The mission of this event is to fight hunger in Central Virginia. UWCV announced the total amount raised on Tuesday afternoon. They were pleased to announce that they had raised a total of $20,741.41 to go towards three benefiting agencies who are actively fighting hunger locally. Over the past 27 years, Lynchburg Cooks has raised over $300,000 for hunger relief.

Every year, 3 non-profit agencies are chosen to receive 100% of the ticket sales. This year Bedford Christian MinistriesCentral Virginia Alliance for Community Living and Park View Community Mission are the benefiting agencies who are all fighting hunger in Central Virginia. The three benefiting agencies will be in attendance to receive their proceeds from the event. This year, each agency was able to bring home $6,913.80 and their checks were presented at the press conference.

UWCV is excited to recognize these deserving non-profits for their work and to provide this additional funding so they may continue to improve the lives of so many in our community. All are invited to attend this press conference.

To view the full press conference, you can view it on the UWCV Facebook Page.