Jamie's Story

“We are super thankful for all of our funders, we are very thankful for United Way and they have returned over and over again to help this program become established and be a successful non-profit for over 20 years. We are really thankful that they have been a partner for a long time.” -Meredith, Case Worker, Healthy Families (HumanKind)

Kevin's Story

Kevin suffered for years with Diabetes. Unfortunately, a few years ago, he lost his job and found himself without insurance. He then had to use the services of United Way and get help from the Free Clinic of Central Virginia

“I’ve donated to the United Way for years, every job I ever had, and I never knew they funded the Free Clinic until we started coming here. Thank God for the United Way.”

Don's Story

Don has first hand experience of benefiting from one of United Way of Central Virginia’s partner agencies. Don is very involved with Lake Christian Ministries and shares his gratitude of receiving United Way’s services.

“I always considered myself as being independent & self reliant, so in giving in the past to churches and things like that, different programs, I never expected it to come full circle. I have to say thank you very much for all that’s been done for me.”

Seth's Story

Seth had a speech impediment and his parents found it hard to get the teaching and education he needed to excel. Seth received services from EXcELL, a program that is part of Smart Beginnings of Central Virginia. Smart Beginnings and United Way work together as a part of the Central Virginia School Readiness Initiative.

“To have that advantage of being able to go into the classroom and not feel like they are behind…we want to make sure that we are reading to him and recognizing alphabets and letter sounds…That’s probably the best part of the EXcELL program. It allows us to do that with a more formal and comprehensive approach, because we do not have the expertise for that.”