Our 2018 Campaign

In 2017, we impacted 60,500 lives in Central Virginia because of our generous community.

This year, the campaign is centered around the entire community coming together to collaborate and make a difference in the community, united.

Bill Varner, our President & CEO commented on the meaning behind this year’s campaign. “This year’s campaign will focus on the collective power of the community to achieve positive change. The challenges we are working to eliminate are often deeply rooted and longstanding. The United Way of Central Virginia places emphasis on collaboration and cooperation as the keys to affecting meaningful change, encouraging our partner agencies to seek innovative ways to support one another while working towards the common aim of an improved quality of life for everyone in Central Virginia. Only through a unified effort will we have the strength, resources and capacity to accomplish this.”

This year, we want to show our support in all of the counties that we serve! We will be hosting 5 individual kickoffs in each of our servicing counties. You can see the schedule below as well as flyers for each individual kickoff.

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Client, Central Virginia Alliance for Community Living

Ronnie Freeman has always been in the ministry of helping others find resources that they needed. But, after his wife passed away and was getting older, he could no longer prepare meals for himself. He realized he was in need of resources himself. He had heard about the meal program at Central Virginia Alliance for Community Living and reached out to them right away. He could not believe that he qualified and he was so relieved. He can now rely on having 3 healthy and nutritious meals every week and he looks forward to the volunteer stopping by to deliver his meals and enjoy each other’s company.

Ronnie says that everything comes full circle, the helper becomes the helpless. There are so many hurting people out there, but like United Way, when we join together and become united, we can get the job done.


Client, Jubilee Family Center

Chantel’s children have been attending Jubilee’s after school program since they were young. Juggling her time as a full time mother and a full time nursing student is a stressful balancing act, but Jubilee’s after school program has been a much needed lifeline for her family. The after school program provides positive role models who push her children to succeed academically, physically, and socially within a safe environment. Jubilee has also provided opportunities for her children to showcase their achievements within the community. Jubilee provides their services at no cost, which allows her family to save money to use towards other necessities.

Chantel says that she knows her children will be better prepared for the future thanks to all the workers and volunteers at Jubilee. It truly takes a village and requires everyone to come together to raise a family. She is so grateful for the support that the United Way has given to Jubilee.


Donor, BB&T

Kim Fast has donated to United Way of Central Virginia just about her entire career at BB&T. The past few years, she has been fortunate enough to give at the Leadership level and be a part of United Way of Central Virginia’s board of directors. In all those years of giving, she never thought that she would need to receive services through United Way. When her mother passed away, her father was left with an empty house and macular degeneration, hours from me in Lynchburg. Being that he was legally blind, he felt most comfortable in his own home. She was stuck thinking “How am I going to do this? How am I going to meet his wishes, but make sure he is okay?” Through United Way, she learned about Meals on Wheels and the services they provide to homebound seniors. She was so thankful that she learned about Meals on Wheels. There is always someone who needs more help than we do. She loves that giving through United Way allows you to touch so many people’s lives. You never know when you might need those services yourself.

Kim says that it feels good to know her dollars are going towards helping someone in need. It takes all of us to just give a little. If we all come together to donate $1 a week, or even $1 per pay period, it can make a huge difference.


Agency Representative, Bedford Christian Ministries

Houston Crum is the Director of Financial Aid at Bedford Christian Ministries, one of United Way of Central Virginia’s partner agencies. A woman recently came to Bedford Christian Ministries requesting food and help with her past due electric bill.  She had lost her job because she couldn’t do the work required because of a cyst on her wrist.  She had no health insurance to have the cyst removed surgically because she didn’t qualify for Medicaid.  When she lost her job, her food stamps were taken away.

Hers is one of the many stories that are heard at Bedford Christian Ministries from seniors, disabled individuals, part-time workers, and low-income parents of small children struggling day to day and paycheck to paycheck to get by.  What they all have in common is that they frequently have to make tough decisions about how to spend their limited resources.

Bedford Christian Ministries, like all the other United Way Partner agencies, is a non-profit organization that serves as a resource for individuals and households in need of a variety of forms of assistance.  Bedford Christian Ministries offers food, clothing, household items and financial aid for past due electric and water bills and past due rent for residents of Bedford County.

The United Way of Central Virginia provides funding support for Bedford Christian Ministries’ Financial Aid program through a grant allocation and through funds designated for BCM by individual donors through the United Way campaign.  In 2017, this combined funding insured that 226 individuals kept their lights on, their water flowing and their rent current.

What Can You Do To Help?

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