United Way strives to improve financial stability for families through programs that reduce hunger, improve housing, transportation and job readiness. Basic human needs and financial stability are inextricably linked. Improving financial stability can radically affect many other issues in our community.

Improving access to transportation, child-care and affordable housing leads to more stability of income. Many of our partners are finding innovative ways to support these vital services.


Don's Story

Don has first hand experience of benefiting from one of United Way of Central Virginia’s partner agencies. Don is very involved with Lake Christian Ministries and shares his gratitude of receiving United Way’s services.

“I always considered myself as being independent & self reliant, so in giving in the past to churches and things like that, different programs, I never expected it to come full circle. I have to say thank you very much for all that’s been done for me.”

2017 Partner Agencies Outcomes

The United Way of Central Virginia partners with not-for-profit agencies that have demonstrated their ability to address our most challenging issues, the ones below are related to Income.

Financial Aid-Non-Medical:

  1. 774 individuals avoided electricity disconnection
  2. 35 individuals avoided eviction after receiving rent aid. 2/3 of rent requests come from people living alone
  3. 93% of individuals were able to manage their electric bill without receiving additional assistance for a year.

Assisted Transportation:

  1. 98% of individuals attended healthcare appointments because of the accessibility of the transportation
  2. 92% of individuals received transportation to dialysis
  3. 92% of individuals had access to critical medications

Child Care Resource Center:

  1. Information & referrals on child care information was provided to parents who were seeking child care information.

Ways to Work:

  1. 88% of surveyed clients receiving new loans during 2015 reported an increase in financial stability
  2. 77% of surveyed clients reported having fewer employment absences and instances of tardiness
  3. Clients have improved access to credit and take steps toward economic self-sufficiency. 110 loans were approved totaling $451,257
  4. 56% of clients surveyed reported an improvement in credit rating
  5. 97% of surveyed clients receiving a Ways to work loan reported their quality of life and personal expectations improved.

Food and Milk Program:

98% of qualifying individuals received 10 meals per month, supplementing their monthly food supplies and enhancing their nutrition

The Gateway Program:

  1. 78% of 45 clients remained in the program and in recovery for 30 days
  2. 48% of individuals opened bank accounts and began to save money
  3. 34 children were benefited in 2015. Out of 22 clients with children, 10 clients were able to begin paying child support

Virginia Cares:

  1. 68% of individuals gained employment
  2. 11% of individuals received proper identification cards and were assisted with disability appointments
  3. 31% of participants received housing assistance c. Hand Up Lodge: i. 14% of clients gained employment


  1. 100% of families were provided referrals to community service programs as needed
  2. 25% of parents participated in trainings, workshops and other Headstart activities

Sheltered Employment:

  1. 39 individuals received job training and employment at a facility for people with disabilities and disadvantages
  2. 92% of individuals achieved a 94% or better attendance rate
  3. 86% of individuals worked a minimum of three jobs in order to develop and maintain different job skills and expand their capabilities

Child Care:

  1. Children have safe transportation to and from preschool

Home Delivered Meals:

  1. 98% of eligible and qualifying homebound recipients received nutritional meal within 10 business days of application

Center of Hope Emergency Shelter:

  1. Residents attend life skills class sessions learning how to be self-sufficient
  2. A 6 week course on nutrition and how to eat health on SNAP benefits was provided for the residents
  3. Families with children are registered with the Homeless Liaison for the school system to make sure school aged children attend school regularly and have all of the supplies and benefits they are entitled to.

Family Services:

  1. 2742 individuals received financial assistance to prevent loss of utility service
  2. 435 individuals assisted with eviction notices and first month’s rent payment

Housing Improvement and Preservation:

  1. VLAS recovered $39,201 for Central VA Clients in the HIP Program and protected them from $19,672 in unjust claims
  2. 100% benefited from improved housing conditions
  3. 100% reported increased housing stability
  4. 100% avoided eviction or foreclosure
  5. 97% gained knowledge about their legal rights regarding housing issues


Out of School Time Childcare:

  1. 94% of parents agree that programs that allow them to work without having to worry about the safety and well-being of the child
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We believe in the vision of a thriving community where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full, human potential and attain self-sufficiency.