HumanKind and Lynchburg City Schools Family Education Partnership

humankind-24In AY 2015-16, United Way of Central Virginia invested $89,600 in a free, one-of-a-kind in our area, home visiting, family-education program in partnership with HumanKind and Lynchburg City Schools. All children in the program are referred by LCS and are deemed 100% at-risk.  The Family-Education Partnership program served 31 families of pre-K students during its inaugural year, touching the lives of 139 community members. Of the 87 children reached, 52 have not yet entered  kindergarten, allowing the program to impact education readiness long before children reach school. Through 386 supportive and informative visits with families, the program has built bridges between the school and home environments to promote academic success.

Parent testimony:

“As the school year comes to an end I have found myself often looking back on the day when I first entered the program. It was the beginning of the school year at our elementary school’s open house. I walked in very nervous and discouraged. Lynchburg City School’s pre-k was nothing like the day care setting; it seemed not as open for parents and I was feeling left out. After the presentation in the classroom was over I walked out of that classroom smiling on the outside but still nervous inside. I was unsure how this year would go; my outlook was kind of grim, that is until I met Mrs. Sandra. She greeted me with the best smile and drew me in with her amazing craft display. Then she told me about this amazing new program that’s purpose is to support and encourage families and to be a bridge between the school system and families. What an answer to prayers! I am so glad that this program exists. Sandra has been an amazing support. This school year wouldn’t have been the same without this program and without her. Thank you HumanKind for offering this wonderful program to families!”

– Parent at Paul Munro Elementary School

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