Appomattox Literacy Intervention Project

tiny-angels-teachersIn AY 2015-16, UWCV invested $16,500 in the Appomattox Literacy Intervention Project (ALIP). Through this grant, ALIP provided such services as parent education programs such as The Incredible Years, and workshops, training, and professional development to the preschool providers in Appomattox County. Part of the funding went to bring in early learning educators and performers from Wolf Trap Theatre for a half-day training on the value of performing arts in early education.

In addition, we granted $5,500 to two local Appomattox preschools – Tiny Angels and Precious Angels – to improve their facilities and to buy much needed educational materials, including supplying mulch to rehabilitate Precious Angels’ playground, thus ensuring the children enrolled in the rural preschool would have a safe and inviting place to play!